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When you haven't been able to reach up to the cupboard, or go bowling -- or even bend forward to put on your own shoes and socks...it's not long before you start losing muscle tone and stability in your spine. The technical term for this is deconditioning. It happens fast when your always being careful, always avoiding sudden movements and guard against jabbing pain and spasms.


That's why getting you out of pain is only half the job--you need reconditioning--otherwise your back is a ticking time bomb, and you end up with the same problems over and over. But the pain cycle CAN be broken. And as part of our exclusive combination approach (treating bones, joints, muscles and nerves) called Progressive RehabTM, we retrain and re-balance your back to help restore lost flexibility, function and strength...so you get better fast--and stay better longer. You may even be joining our patients who tell us they can.

  • wake up (and get up) without aching and stiffness
  • lift and bend without a sudden catch
  • climb, even bounce, out of a chair without using their hands
  • even play on the floor with the kids.
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