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Auriculotherapy in Raleigh

A Needle-Free Acupuncture Alternative

Auriculotherapy in practiceIf your desire to acquire acupuncture therapy is thwarted by your fear of needles, auriculotherapy could be the perfect option for you.

Auriculotherapy is a form of acupuncture that utilizes a special electrical stimulator applied to the acupoints of the ear. Because this technique relies on either laser or auricular therapy probes, no needles are involved in the application of the therapy. Auriculotherapy can be highly effective for a whole host of issues as the specific application to the ear is designed to radiate positively to any part of the body.

Did you know your ear is actually a representation of your whole body? That’s right! There are specific acupoints of the ear that connect to any part of the body the practitioner wishes to reach. Our office is happy to answer your questions about this special and effective therapy!

Stop Your Addictive Tendencies

Auriculotherapy is an extremely helpful option for those suffering with weight-loss, smoking, or other addictive tendencies. This therapy is highly effective in these types of cases as there are specific points on the ear that stimulate the areas of the brain associated with satisfaction and pleasure signaling. This allows that stimulation to come from an alternate, more natural source that could prevent you from relying on your chosen vice be it over eating, smoking, or more.

It’s never too late to change bad habits.

What You Should Know

Auriculotherapy sessions are generally recommended twice a week for a six-week period of time. This extended time frame allows us to make deep-seated changes to the whole-body physiology.

Please remember to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment. This therapy is not covered by insurance. Rate is dependent on area size and location. We proudly offer a free consultation with Dr. Carter in order for you to acquire all of the pre-committal information you desire!

Contact Us Today To Learn More

The Ideal Health Centers staff can’t wait to answer your questions about auriculotherapy today! Address your addiction issues with this natural, whole body therapy. Contact us to learn more about this highly effective needle-free alternative to acupuncture.

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