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Stem Cell Therapy for Regenerative Medicine

What Is It?

Stem cell illustrationStem cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, utilizes stem cells or their derivatives in order to increase the repair response of damaged tissue. This process generally involves manipulating lab-grown stem cells into specializing in specific muscle, blood, or nerve cells, and then implanting them into the appropriate muscle.

These new transplanted cells contribute to repairing the defective muscle that they have been designed to help.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy involves injecting a specific concentration of the patient’s own platelets in order to stimulate their body’s own ability to heal itself.

Who Can Benefit?

Stem cell therapy is recommended for those who suffer from joint or chronic pain and arthritis, including but not limited to knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, wrist, or elbow issues and discomfort.

To learn more about whether or not you can benefit from stem cell therapy, please feel free to visit one of Dr. Carter’s local Raleigh Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Seminars or schedule a one on one consultation at your convenience.

What To Expect

Stem cell therapy is typically applied over three sessions and may be combined with PRP therapy, depending on your specific needs. Therapy involves using an infrared class 3B laser alongside physician-guided nutritional support and physical therapy for healing and strengthening.

Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy in Raleigh

Stem cell and regenerative medicine are available options for you! Address your chronic joint pain and arthritis with these effective technologies, expertly applied by Dr. Gregory Carter.

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